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About Us

Floral designs beautifully created to make a lasting impression

Innovative design to create stunning floral creations

Through innovative design, I’ll bring your vision and my ideas to life to create stunning floral arrangements for your wedding or event.

Helping someone celebrate? I will create the perfect gift to leave a lasting impression.


How it all began…

From delivery driver to florist. That’s literally how it all began 20 years ago. I would fill the van with loads of flowers and then drive them to where they needed to be. I was surrounded by flowers on a daily basis but all I was doing was handing them over and then driving back to the flower shop for the next delivery. I then decided that I wanted to be the person who created these stunning arrangements and that’s exactly what I did.

From the very beginning I would find myself very much thinking outside the box, which sounds a little cliche, but I soon found my own unique style. Today, my days consist of spending hours having fun working with a wide variety of flowers and having the freedom to bring my creativity to life through my floral designs. I work from my beautiful shop and am very grateful to have a job I love. I sometimes feel guilty that it doesn’t feel like work!